About Us

We’ve connected more than 500 parents and athletes to 100 instructors, and facilitated over 2000 private lessons.

Our Story and Mission

Founded in 2016 by avid sports coaches Ben Coughlin, Michael Dobrijevic and Nick Coughlin, Backyard Coach aims to become a central platform connecting certified instructors and struggling athletes. Having discovered that 70% of children drop out of sport by the age of 13, Ben, Michael and Nick wanted to provide a solution that would keep children active, teach them confidence and return their joy in playing sport. It was Ben’s experience coaching his neighbours in their backyard that he discovered the impact of private training and the eventual name for their business! Over 2 years, Backyard Coach facilitated over 2000 sessions in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and connected more than 100 coaches to 500 parents and athletes. The success of Backyard Coach has been accredited to the convenience and quick support provided by the Backyard Coach job board and customer service team. The focus of “Coaching On Your Terms” has empowered busy parents and families to finally receive an essential training service at their chosen time, price and location, with a highly accredited and experienced instructor.